Thoughts on being a Christian Centerist
by Brian Posey on May 24th, 2022
I have been a United Methodist since I was born and baptized as an infant in 1978.  The United Methodist Church is my home, it is what I know, and the Wesleyan Theology is my adapted way of understanding God and living my faith.  But something that so many folks who have not necessarily had the opportunity to learn is that Wesleyan Theology, while flexible, is a centerist/ moderate interpretation ...  Read More
A World with Peace
by Brian Posey on March 23rd, 2022
When my dad was in Vietnam, he wrote a letter home to the local news paper, which was printed, explaining why he felt he was fighting in a war that did not seem overly connected to concerns of the United States by a large portion of the population.  By the time 1968 rolled around, the United States had been involved almost 15 years on some level. and while many believed it was a conflict between F...  Read More
What does the future of the Church look like for us?
by Brian Posey on March 14th, 2022
In the past, it was common to assume that churches in general were about 20 years behind the curve on the current trends with technology and other modern advances such as worship presentation audio/video, and livestreaming, as well as other areas. However, over the past two years, with the nature of the pandemic, we have had to ask some questions about how are we to be church during this critical ...  Read More
Looking to 2022 with Hope
by Brian Posey on January 16th, 2022
Since March of 2020, it seems that church life has been set back many years, and that the momentum we had gained over the course of 5 years of efforts working together stopped suddenly.  Since the COVID19 pandemic began, we have been bombarded with political controversy after political controversy in the government, we have been witness to social unrest and protests and riots, cities burning, and ...  Read More